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Prepaid peformance

Prepaid performance.

Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan.

It pays to keep your Porsche at its peak. Staying on top of maintenance ensures more than maximum performance. With the Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan, you can lock in your maintenance costs and avoid price increases on parts and service. Plus, prepayment offers substantial savings compared to traditional pay-as-you go maintenance.


The plan covers all factory recommended maintenance as outlined in your Porsche’s maintenance booklet, including:

• Engine oil and filter changes

• Engine air filter, pollen filter, spark plug, tire sealant, brake fluid, drive belt, and transmission oil replacement

• Comprehensive inspections of all parts and systems of the vehicle


Any model year 2019/2020 or newer that has been in service less than one year / 15,000 kilometres is eligible for a 3-year or 4-year PSMP term, excluding non-regular production vehicles.*

For Plus Two (2 Year), only model years 2010 and above are eligible. Plans can be sold within 13 years or 195,000 kilometres.

To learn more contact Porsche of London, 519.601.1322.

* Please consult with a service advisor for full details.

Conditions & Exceptions: The PSMP cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable. No refund will be given if a lease/finance contract is less than the coverage period. PSMP coverage remains with the vehicle for which it was originally purchased and can be used by subsequent vehicle owners. Coverage and services are only valid in the country of purchase. In the event that a PSMP vehicle is designated as “totalled” by the insurance carrier, the vehicle owner will be reimbursed $200 for each remaining maintenance. If a PSMP vehicle has been repossessed by the lien-holder, PSMP coverage will be removed.