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Winter Wheels- Does your Porsche need them?

It's wonderful news to hear that more and more people are installing winter tires on their vehicles. “You’ll be fine with all season tires” is a phrase that we feel we can do without.

In a recent Consumer Reports test, winter tires stopped six feet (1.8 metres) shorter, on average, than all-seasons on ice. Also, winter tires required a shorter distance – 22 feet (6.7 metres) less than all-seasons – to accelerate from 5 to 20 miles per hour (8 to 32 km/h) on moderately packed snow. These tests were performed on an “average” passenger car. Now imagine your Porsche with brakes far more powerful than that of the average passenger car. More braking force has the ability to lock up much easier if the tire does not provide enough grip. Therefore an all season tire is never capable of stopping your Porsche as quickly as it might need to in poor driving conditions. This leaves not only your beautiful vehicle, but its occupants in a compromised situation.

The great news is that we have winter tire and wheel package solutions for every model of Porsche and many of them in stock! Even better, our tires are not “average passenger car” tires either; we carry Porsche N-spec winter tires. These are tires that have been re-engineered to meet Porsche’s standards, which just like their vehicles, are above and beyond “average”. Be sure to stop in and talk to your Porsche specialist today about the benefits of installing winter tires on your vehicle today!

Date Posted: November 5, 2019