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When is the right time to order a Porsche?

This is the time of year when we are focused on the holiday season, year-end at work, school vacation, and pretty much anything else but our desire for a new car. Once the weather breaks, after a long winter, the itch for a Porsche comes back, and the thought process turns to the road ahead.

For a number people, the thought process is a different. Why not start to think of that perfect sports car or SUV now, instead of in the spring. Porsche continues to send allocation to dealerships throughout the winter months and for anyone who’s gone through the process before, you would know that it can sometimes take a number of months before your bespoke Porsche arrives. Now is the perfect time to sit down and really consider some of the options and colour combinations on that car you’ve been dreaming about. At Porsche of London, we have a beautiful fitting lounge, with a large screen display, to show your customized Porsche in large view. Our staff is always getting bulletins with updated information and technology advancements.

The best part about going through this process now, is that your Porsche will be arriving in perfect time to enjoy when the snow is gone. When people wait to place their orders, you tend to miss a number of months of that optimal driving weather.

If you are thinking about a Porsche in the coming months, now is a perfect time to call and get in touch with us.

Date Posted: December 2, 2019