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The Panamera GTS

From the first second, the Panamera has blazed its own trail with no compromises and has united its apparent opposite: performance and comfort, dynamism and efficiency, work and family. Focus on the essential. Three letters embody this perfectly and, together with the name Porsche, have made history on and off the race track: GTS. This has always been our byword for the direct, unadulterated, powerful driving pleasure that combines top performance on the race track with great sporty performance in the everyday.


The special dynamic of the new Panamera GTS models is clear form the first glance- in particular thanks to playing with the black contrasting color. Elements, such as the side window trims, the side air outlets, the logos on the rear end and the tailpipes of the sports exhaust system, are finished in black(high-gloss). To add this to the lower section of the Panamera GTSS models is kept matt black- including the 20-inch Panamera Design wheels. The taillights and the characteristic rear light strip are also tinted. Both the Panamera GTS and the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo carry as standard the SportDesign package with distinctive front and rear sections. The adaptive rear spoiler of the Panamera GTSS splits after it has extended, which makes it much broader- and ensures the lift in the rear axle is efficiently reduced. The adaptive roof spoiler of the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo ensures exceptional driving stability.


Apart from all the highlights of the exterior, it also features a big heart, a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine which is designed for pure sporty performance. The two twin-scroll turbines are located between the cylinder banks so the exhaust fumes are only a short distance from the turbochargers- for faster responsiveness. The completely separate supply of exhaust fumes to the turbine runners avoids the load change disadvantages specific to V8 and ensures a high torque of 620Nm even at low engine speeds. The total power output of 460 hp provides you with the ultimate driving and handling pleasure. Coming in today for more details.

Date Posted: January 31, 2019