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Sports Car Fever

March in Ontario is a special time of year. These are the days where the sun seems to shine a little brighter, the days last that much longer, and the roads are that much dryer.

This time of year always gets the appetite going for something we call ‘Sportscar Fever’. When that condition exists, people’s first reaction is to come into the store to find, or order, their dream Porsche. You might not know it, but this is the perfect time to explore our inventory as it’s one of the best times to have a choice from some in stock sports cars. Since most people tend to park, or trade-in, their Porsche sports cars in the fall, Porsche of London tends to have their best selection now.

This window of opportunity always seems to be short-lived. So if you’re feeling like you’ve come down with sportscar fever… visit Porsche of London for your cure now.

Date Posted: March 4, 2019