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Porsche Taycan- A First Hand Look

This car is pure Porsche!  Porsche talked a lot about the soul of Porsche and I’m not sure how to describe the soul of each Porsche but the Taycan has it.  This car was so fun to drive. I’m still smiling!   It is a sport car!   The performance is really amazing with instant acceleration that pulls hard till 200 kph +.  The seating position and control locations are perfect.  The interior and dash are modern and unique but still very functionable.  I can't wait for you all to drive this vehicle.   I remember when Porsche showed us the Mission E and told us they would build an electric car I was not really excited or convinced it was a good decision.  After my experience in Barcelona this may be the best and most exciting car Porsche has ever produced. 

A first hand look from Chris Leavens.

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Land vehicle Vehicle 1265e Taycan Turkao

Land vehicle Vehicle 396 Pouch Cells Overboost Power With Pemnent Magnet Synchronouswiurs 0-100 Km/h With Launch Control In 2.8 Secs Launch Control Up

Date Posted: November 6, 2019