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Limited Porsche Timepiece

Rarity at its best, we have only one of these to sell.

70 years of sports car history. 70 years bursting with emotion. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than with a special timepiece: the 1919 “Datetimer” 70Y Limited Edition.

Numerous design features and materials from the legendary 356, the predecessor of the Porsche 911, are given new life in this very special anniversary model. The innovative titanium casing, which houses high-quality Swiss automatic clockwork with a 38-hour power reserve, has an elegant black look thanks to its titanium carbide coating. The black dial face features the unmistakable silhouette of the 356, along with the date 1948 – which marks the ‘birth’ of Porsche. In homage to the instrument cluster of the Porsche 356, the dial face is designed with the characteristic rings of the rev counter. And the strap of the anniversary watch has been created from the same premium leather as the vehicle seats. A special touch is the ‘70 years’ logo on the bottom of the casing – as a declaration of love to this year’s Porsche anniversary.

Continuing the nostalgia: the 1919 “Datetimer” 70Y Limited Edition is limited to just 1948 pieces, our one and only example happens to be number 964. This is no coincidence, as this date marks the beginning of an era full of profound emotions.

Date Posted: January 28, 2019