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Lease Protection – Made Easy

Ever since leasing was introduced, it has gained its popularity very quickly. Having the freedom to be able to get a new vehicle, every few of years has made the leasing one of the most attractive options. At Porsche, we offer various leasing terms to cater different markets. And we strive to make the overall experience exciting and carefree. Porsche Lease-End Protection makes turning in your vehicles at lease end smooth and simple by waiving up to $7500 of covered excess wear and use charges. Apart from the excess wear, it also provides the benefits of the following:

  • Charges for missing parts waived up to $150 in total
  • Tire-related excess wear and use charges in the aggregate waived up to $1000


Most importantly, there is no deductible! Porsche Lease-End Protection allows for your vehicle to be turned in at any time prior to your original scheduled termination date. Benefits will also apply up to 12 months after the original scheduled termination date. This worry-free product is transferable for a $50 fee if your lease agreement is assumed by a private party and no other terms of the lease agreement are modified. Leasing a Porsche has never been this easy before! Come into Porsche of London right now to enjoy your most worry-free leasing experience.

*Prices, waiver amounts subject to change. See Financial Services Manager for full details.

Date Posted: September 30, 2019