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Is your Porsche ready for a Fun Run this Summer?

Is your Porsche ready for a Fun Run this summer?

Looking back on the Fun Run we hosted earlier this month, could you imagine missing out because your Porsche wasn’t serviced for summer yet?

Perhaps your car is packed with vacation bags, ecstatic family members and maybe even a dog or two on your way to your summer getaway.

Then you are trapped by surprise when this happens….

Car won’t start

Blown Tire

Steam under the hood

Over-heated engine

We just can’t think of anything worse than being stranded on the side of the road on a very hot summer day.

Here are some tips from our Porsche Specialists to ensure this doesn’t happen to you

1. Always inspect your tire 

Tire Tread – your existence rides on your tires. Check the tread

Tire Pressure – driving in the hot weather on tires that aren’t inflated properly will cause damage to your very expensive tires

Tire Balance – You should be enjoying your smooth ride, instead of pulling and rough drive due to unbalanced tires.

2. Maintenance on your Cooling System

We all want to cruise in the summer not be stopped because of our engine overheated in hot weather

3. Check You’re A/C System

No one wants to drive long distance in a vehicle that has no air conditioning

4. Get New Windshield Wipers

If you haven’t replaced them in the last year, be sure to get it done before your trip

Our Certified Porsche Specialist team will always be happy to look after all your summer maintenance needs and ensure you don’t miss out on the future Fun Runs and you have a very enjoyable summer. 

The Porsche of London Team wishes you a very enjoyable summer!


Date Posted: June 25, 2018