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A message from Porsche of London about COVID19

Dear Porsche of London Clients,

For over 60 years, the Leavens family has established its business values on providing exceptional customer service and caring for our employees. During this time we understand and agree with concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our customer and staff safety is important to us, as such we wanted to advise of the following practices that we have instilled during this coronavirus outbreak.

The following steps are occurring at all Leavens Automotive Group businesses immediately and will be for the duration of this pandemic.

You can expect, that all our employees will:

    • Wash their hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap.

    • Will not offer a handshake or any type of person touch.

    • If they sneeze or cough, they will turn away and do so into their elbow to limit spread.

    • Use Company provided sanitary wipes throughout our facilities and assign at least two persons at each location to be on duty throughout our operating hours wiping down counters, door handles, bathroom and kitchen counters etc.

    • Increased sanitation procedures from our cleaning services in commonly touched areas.

    • We will wipe your steering wheel and keys before and after service.

    • Not share a phone or desk / working station unless they continue to wipe down regularly and before any shift changes.

    • Avoid coming into contact with someone who appears ill with COVID-19 related symptoms or has returned from a country identified by the CDC as an Affected Area.

What if our employees show signs of symptoms?

    • Our employees have been instructed to leave work, and remain off for up to two weeks if deemed necessary, with job protected leave and company support.

    • We have educated our employees on what Health Canada and Health Ontario are recommending be done for persons with mild to no symptoms, and for persons with greater symptoms.

We remain committed to you, and are doing our part at our dealerships to support the safety and comfort of our customers and employees.  Please do not hesitate to ask for and speak with a senior manager to support your needs.

Chris Leavens
Dealer Principal

Date Posted: March 15, 2020